Five of the Most Unique and Amazing Offices in the World

Offices play an integral role in the success of a business. They serve as a secondary home to workers; thus,they should provide the necessary comfort and convenience. If your company is looking for ways to improve your office,you might need some inspiration. Here are five of the most unique and amazing offices in the world for your reference.

Digital Luxury Group (Digital marketing agency; Geneva,Switzerland)

Sometimes an office does not have to be an office. Digital marketing agency DLG has no reception area and their office is far from your typical office. Designed with flexibility in mind,their office has spaces that promote relaxation. They have modern furniture,cloud-like lights,and many open spaces.

Garage Society (Coworking space provider; Hong Kong)

Garage Society’s offices are equipped with all the features of a typical office,but with large open spaces and areas for collaborations and meetings. Their offices are offered as flexible coworking spaces for all sorts of independent workers and companies. The Garage Society has unique and versatile offices in Hong Kong,Singapore,and India.

Missing Link (Presentation firm,South Africa)

Missing Link’s staff will never run out of reasons to enjoy their office. They can use the fireman’s pole if they want to go downstairs. If they’re stressed with their work,they can de-stress at the shooting range. Their office also has its own tattoo studio for employees who wishes to get inked.

Gusto (Software developer; San Francisco,USA)

Gusto’s office used to be a ship warehouse. When they moved into the building,they decided to retain the architectural elements of it (including lifts and cranes). There is also a mural wall that was painted by the employees themselves. Floors are heated to keep the employees safe from the cold Bay Area weather.

Mindvalley (Personal growth education company; Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia)

Mindvalley uses natural light to create “colored shadows” in their office,which is equipped with interesting and highly useful split-level mezzanine platforms. Workers enjoy amenities such as in-office gym,hypnotherapy rooms,and bed pods. There are also over 800 indoor plants in the office. No wonder,Mindvalley is listed on Inc’s world’s coolest offices in 2019.

There are plenty of ways to improve your office. Just keep in mind the wise use of space and the unique needs of your workers to create an environment that is relaxing,comfortable,productive,and never boring.

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