Transporting Hot Tub Locally 

Get the moving materials together.

Gathering the required moving equipment and materials is the first phase in effectively moving a hot tub without experts’ help. Moving straps, two furniture dollies, some significant plywood parts, and cleaning supplies should all be on the checklist. A travel dolly can be found at the nearest Home Depot. The home improvement store rents out dollys that can carry up to 800 pounds.

Demand a moving vehicle.

Make sure you’ve reserved a moving truck big enough to suit your hot tub before you move it. You will need to hire a box truck that is at least 15 feet tall, depending on your hot tub size. According to U-Haul, the interior dimensions of their 15-foot moving vehicle are 15′ x 7’8′′ x 7’2′′ (LxWxH). Before booking a van, make sure to weigh your hot tub to ensure that it can fit inside. A loading ramp should be included with your truck rental to help the transition go more smoothly. When it comes to moving your hot tub, there are loads of truck rental firms to pick from. Check out’s truck rental hub for more reviews and offers on different truck rental firms.

Recruit moving assistance.

There’s no denying it: pushing a hot tub takes a lot of power. That means you’ll need at least three more people to assist with the transfer. If you have the resources, I suggest enlisting up to six people to help with the heavy lifting. As far as practicable, ask friends and relatives ahead of time. You’ll need to pay labor-only movers if you can’t find free support. You will do so by looking for moving laborers in your field on online marketplace. Labor Center, operated by, is a great place to look for moving labor. Do not, in all circumstances, try to pass a hot tub by yourself. The outdoor spa is just too large to be carried by one individual alone.

Examine the environment.

Is your hot tub surrounded by plants or tucked away in a confined space? Is it on the ground floor, or would you have to carry it down a flight of stairs? What are the questions you can ask yourself while examining the surroundings of your hot tub? If shifting the hot tub would compete with or ruin the yard’s landscaping, you’ll need to devise a strategy to fix the problem.

Switch off the hot tub.

Until dumping the hot tub, make sure it’s unplugged from the power source. Ensure that both wires are tucked away and that nothing hangs from the hot tub. Place cords in waterproof baggies if necessary to save them from getting damp during the move.

Remove the water from the hot tub.

If you believe draining your hot tub is as easy as emptying your bathtub, you’re mistaken. Unfortunately, this method can cause your yard to flood and be damaged. You must obey the manufacturer’s instructions to empty your hot tub properly. You’ll likely need to clear the water with a pump or a garden hose. Quite certainly, the safest spot to drain out the water is by a street gutter. After dumping the hot tub, clean it well before moving. I suggest wiping it down with an all-purpose cleaner to do so.

Make a road plan.

So, how are you going to transport the hot tub? The old and new yards are expected to raise at least a couple of challenges in transferring the hot tub. You can devise a strategy for navigating individual stumbling blocks, whether it’s a tiny gate opening, a series of steps, or a short pathway. You can also consider how you plan to transport the hot tub. Can you take it out of the front or back of the house? Plan ahead of time if you know where you want the moving truck to be on moving day.

Plywood fragments can be placed under the hot tub.

Placing plywood under the hot tub can aid in creating a clean, flat surface from which to move the hot tub. That would also make rolling the furniture dollies beneath the spa even simpler. You’ll need at least three people to raise the hot tub into the wood, with each corner lifted a couple of inches off the level.

Underneath the hot tub, slide furniture dollies.

You won’t have to switch the hot tub on its side to drive it if the direction to the moving truck is flat. If the route is short, though, you’ll need the aid of many friends to carefully transform the hot tub on its side. Slide a dolly beneath the front and back ends of your hot tub until it’s ready to use. The two dolls should securely support your hot tub. Secure the hot tub to the dolly with rotating braces to prevent it from falling off. In both directions, the mates could be clutching the hot tub. One in the back, one in the front, and one on each hot tub side are needed.

The hot tub could be rolled to the loading ramp and loaded into the vehicle.

Carefully move your hot tub into the moving truck rental until it is attached to the dollies. It’s possible that more than four people would be needed to drive it up the truck’s loading ramp. After that, make sure at least one helper enters the car to ensure the hot tub’s safety. Keep your dollies handy, so you can quickly unload and roll the hot tub to its new location after you’ve arrived at your destination. Make sure the hot tub is fully in safe ahnd and secured to the sides of the vehicle as well. This would save it from moving during transportation.